Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Grandma Campbell

Unfortunately, my Grandma Campbell passed away this week.
She was a lady that love fishing, playing BINGO, and her
Indianapolis Colts...GO COLTS!!!
We all dug through our photos and created just the coolest
slideshow showing her throughout her life from 1933-2008.
It was a very neat thing to see pictures of my grandma and
my dad growing up (many that I couldn't believe I had never
seen before). I just wanted to share a few of those wonderful
b&w photos that I love of my beloved Grandma Campbell.

My grandma, grandpa, my dad, and my aunt
around 1954.

My dad, so funny wearing his little
boxing gloves.

My grandma and my dad around 1965.
My dad was in the 9th grade I believe.

My dad's graduation.
My aunt(I think), my grandma, my dad,
my dad's best friend, and my granny
(my dad's grandma).
May of 1968 I think.
My mom, my dad, my grandma, and me.
July 4th, 1979

My grandma, my dad, and my aunt at my wedding.
May 11th, 1996