Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Double Yaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!!

It's official!!!
Yaayyyyy, my Etsy shop
is finally open. I have some items loaded
already but many many more will be added
over the next few days and tons more over the
next couple of weeks!! Go check it out HERE!! :)
I have some really fabulous ART JOURNALS
going into the store hopefully next week and
also a couple more necklaces and a few cute rings!
You can also just click the link over on my left
sidebar for future purposes.

Secondly, as I stated in the post below, I was
invited to join a blog contest through
and as of yesterday I am only 18 votes short
of holding the #1 spot, which in case you forgot,
is a weekend trip to NEW YORK!!!!! So, if you
have a Facebook account and haven't voted for
me yet PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE scroll down to
the next post, click on the black & white & purple
HUE LEGGINGS banner, it will have you sign in
to FB and become a fan of Hue Leggings and then
you can go back to the vote page and

Now, I'd like to leave you with a couple little
lovelies that you can find over in my Etsy shop.

Owl Necklace 16" inch beaded chain

Paper Doilies - Vintage Set

Paper Doilies - Cottage Set

Super Sweet Paper/Felt Journaling Spots measure 4"x3"

I just LOVE these!
Felt die cut embellishments - little boy & girl couple
these measure (including head) 1 1/2"in. each

Have a terrific Tuesday!
LOVES :) -Sarah

Friday, August 27, 2010

Please VOTE For Me & A GIVEAWAY!!

I was sent an email today inviting me to join
a blog contest. Apparently I get to receive these
super cool HUE LEGGINGS just for participating in the
contest, but if my blog receives the most votes
(that's where you come in) then I will get a trip
to New York!!! Sooooo exciting because this
small town momma of three rarely gets out of
my own little town let alone New York!!! So please
please pretty please with a cherry on top vote
for my blog if you enjoy it here! Also, I think
my email invite may have come a little late so
there's only about a week left in this contest so
please vote but only one vote per each FB account
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Simply click on the banner below and that will take
you to Facebook, if you're not signed in you will need
to do that then you will be taken to the voting page,
just click on the little button that says Vote Here...
it's that easy!!! :)

Thanks so much to all of you who support my blog

and read and leave such kind comments. Reading
your kind words absolutely makes my day!! Also, my
followers have been growing like leaps and bounds
and thanks to the Thoughts 2 Paper blog hop this week
I am now over fifty followers so I'd now like to shoot
for one hundred!!! Let's see if we can hit that, shall we?
I really do want people to follow my blog because they
like seeing my work and enjoy my family updates, but
as a reward for helping me spread the word about my
little contest going on, I will be sending a RAK to the
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share this contest on your blogs, FB, Twitter, where
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who sent them and when the contest is over I'll send a
RAK to the person who sent the most people to my blog!!

Again, thank you all soooooo much for following and
for your support just simply by leaving kind comments!
I love it and hope to see my blog grow bigger and I'll
try to bring you all better things with every post!!

Have a fantastic weekend!!
LOVES :) -Sarah

Giant Paper Doily & A Kreaxions Layout

I shared a few posts down about the 3" paper doilies
that will be available in my Etsy shop........

very very soon (like within days), and today
I'd like to share with you a layout that I created
using my Kreaxions punches and a giant 7" doily!!
I think I'm in heaven!!! I LOVE this doily craze
right now in scrapbooking and I hope so much
that it never goes away, but I love even more
that I can create my own, and now this giant
doily made from gorgeous patterned paper just
perfect for a photo mat on layouts!! As you can
see on this page......

I used the giant 7" red paper doily as a mat under
my photos of my sweet Bodey boy and I also used
a 3" red doily in the upper right of the layout as a
base for my journaling. A little part of the 3" doily
hung off the side of the layout so I cut it off and
used it on the bottom edge as a base for my date
stickers. LOVE these doilies!!!! They add a nice pop
of color and can make a page a little extra fun and
frilly with no more effort than just taping it down!!

Please check out my Etsy shop 'PineappleScraps'
to purchase both sizes of paper doilies in tons of
various colors and patterns...also, the layerd fabric
flowers that you see here on my layout will also

be an item available for purchase at 'PineappleScraps'!!!
(still waiting on my new business debit card in order
to get my Etsy shop up and running....I was told it
should arrive Monday then you'll be able to check out
'PineappleScraps'...will post when all is ready to go.....
aaahhhhh, you gotta love banks!!)
Scrapbooking supplies used on this layout
are from Momenta. You can check out their
blog HERE and also find them on Facebook.

Thanks so much for visiting
'Welcome To My Neighborhood' today!!
Have an amazing weekend,
LOVES :) -Sarah

Thursday, August 26, 2010

GIVEAWAY You Don't Want To Miss!!

How gorgeous are these?!!!

You could have the chance to win them
and all you have to do is leave a comment
HERE for your chance to win!!

I just LOVE this set, I just keep thinking
how adorable and pretty they would
look hanging in my home!

Have a great evening,
LOVES:) -Sarah

.....and the WINNER is......

The winner of the RAK given away here
on my blog from comments left yesterday
on the Thoughts 2 Paper blog hop post is...
Drumroll Please......
Da da da dum da dum.....
JODI !!!!!!!!!!!!
Yaaaayyyyy, Jodi, just email me your
mailing address and I'll get your RAK
out to you ASAP!!!
Thank you all so much for playing along
and I had by far the highest count for
comments left on one of my blog posts!!
It just made my day :)
Make sure you check out the
Thoughts 2 Paper blog to see who won the
$40 gift certificate to the T2P store!
Have a terrific Thursday,
LOVES :) -Sarah

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thoughts 2 Paper Blog Hop!!

Good morning everyone!!
Today is the day!

It's the Thoughts 2 Paper Blog Hop

and here's how it works.....
after you check out my blog then click
on the link here in this post to move on
to see the next Thoughts 2 Paper's DT
member post and Christmas themed project.
Follow the links all the way back to the
Thoughts 2 Paper blog and if you've left
comments on all DT Members blog posts
including the Thoughts 2 Paper blog then you'll be
entered to win a $40 gift card to the T2P store!!
Check out the list of DT members on the
Thoughts 2 Paper blog to get started from
the beginning, you don't want to miss anyone!
Thoughts 2 Paper is also have a 40% off sale.
Visit the online store and use this code CHAROOM
to receive your 40% now through August 28th!!!
I will also be sending a RAK to a randomly chosen
person who has left a comment here on my blog!!
I will be announcing the winner of my RAK here
on my blog tomorrow morning so hurry up and
leave your comment here for your chance to win!

Here is my Christmas themed project using
a MDF Calendar from the Thoughts 2 Paper
online store...these are so quick and easy to pop
together and now my kids and I have a fun count
down to Christmas calendar we can all use this
holiday season....stop by the Thoughts 2 Paper
store and make sure to pick up your very own!!

Next, you'll go to April Hall's blog to see her fabulous
Christmas themed project for this Thought 2 Paper
blog hop...don't forget to leave your comments
for a chance to win!! Have a great Wednesday.

LOVES :) -Sarah

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

....and they're off!!!

My girls went back to school yesterday
and I lost my helpers....with Carter and our
lab, Bodey, I really do count on the girls
helping a little everyday. But, they said
their first day of school went great and they
both really seem to like their teachers...
thank goodness!! Becca is in 8th grade this
year and is actually at the high school
since they consolidated the schools this year
it is now the junior high with 7th, 8th, and 9th.
Emily is now in 5th grade and at the
middle school which is now the intermediate
school with 4th, 5th, and 6th. Their were
quite a few glitches when we were signing
the girls up for school a couple of weeks ago
because of all the changes so hopefully all
has been worked out and it's smooth sailing!
Oh well, the girls are happy to be back with
their friends and as long as they're happy
then so am I!! Here are a couple photos that
I took of Becca and Emily in our front yard
before heading off to school yesterday morning.

And, a couple photos of Bodey looking oh so cute!
I haven't posted a photo of him in a
while so I just wanted to update that it has been
almost 2 months since he was driven to us from
a high kill shelter in Kentucky and he is doing
wonderfully!! One month after we had taken him
home he weighed 79 lbs. and as of last week he
is up to 87 lbs.!!! My mom even says that he has
a twinkle in his eye now that just wasn't there
before. Also, I just wanted to let you know that
we are no where near over feeding him, he is a
very BIG boy and the vet said that he could get
up to 90-100 lbs. We LOVE you Bodey boy!!

Alrighty, I think that's all for today.
Please make sure to check back tomorrow for
our Thoughts 2 Paper Blog Hop done Christmas
style!!! There will be prizes so you don't want to miss it!

Have a terrific Tuesday,
LOVES:) -Sarah

Monday, August 23, 2010

Paper Doilies & Etsy Update

My Etsy Shop, if all goes well, should
be up and running before the end of the
week! I'm super excited and hope that it's
a success! I've been busy creating new little
things to add to the shop and although my
mind is still full of items that I am dying to
create, I have finished working on a few of
them. Here is a little sample of some paper
doilies that I created for the shop over the
weekend. These photos are of the
Rainbow Sherbet Collection.

Here is a layout that I created using
a green paper doily just to the left of the photo.

I will also be offering a Vintage Collection and Cottage
Collection in my Etsy shop.....oh yeah, and the
name of my little shop will be.......................
Da da da dum da dum................


I know, a little weird and funky, right, but
there is an actual story behind this name.
Ok, when I was in high school my parents built
a house out in the country and the land that we
found to build the house on was 4 acres completely
inclosed withing two rows of pine trees. Also, at
the front of the property were about 20 apple trees
so we nicknamed our new home "Pineapple Farms"
and still to this day it's my favorite place on earth!!!
So, since most of my creations for the shop use scraps
of paper, fabric, photos, etc., I named my shop
PineappleScraps.....see, I told you there was a story
behind it!! I'll keep you posted as to what day this
week you'll actually be able to finally head over to
my Etsy shop and check it out!! If you'd like to order
anything in bulk or place a custom order please email
me here: sarahmullanix@yahoo.com. Just a thought,
but I think that these custom hand punched and cut
paper doilies would be perfect additions for any of
you out there with kit clubs....just a thought!! :)

Have a wonderful Monday,
LOVES :) -Sarah

Friday, August 20, 2010

Can't Believe I Forgot!!

I really can't believe that I forgot to share these
pics a couple of weeks ago!!! I took my kids
geocaching for the first time and what fun!
I don't have the hand held GPS yet...trying to
figure out if I can use one that I already have...
anyway, there is actually one hidden literally
five minutes of walking from our house!
It's a hidden monument that has been there
since the early 1920's I think and I've never
even noticed it before because of how much
roads and buildings and houses have been
built up around it over the past 80 or 90 years.
My hubby grew up just blocks from where we
live now so he knew exactly what I was referring
to when I looked up the location online, and off
we went. We actually hit the site twice, the first
time we didn't really know what we where
searching for so we headed back home disappointed.
I did a little more research on geocaching and we
headed back an hour later with reinforcements this
time (my nieces and nephews who live right across
the street from us). We searched for a few minutes
around the monument and suddenly I saw what we
had been searching for!!! I was so happy and the
kids were in heaven as they signed the list that we
had been there...how cool that I actually went on a
treasure hunt with my kids, so of course I had to
take photos of our first hunt together!!

I think that this is the only photo I'm able to share.
The photo of the monument was already posted online so
I think I'm safe here, but the photo of my kids getting
the list out and signing it would definitely blow the
hiding spot if any of you live in my area. I will most
definitely be going back out with the kids to try and
hunt down more!! Emmy is really getting into it and
loving this! I would love to hear about any stories
or advice any of you have!! :)

One more thing before I go, I'd like to leave you with
a couple pics of my fun new bright sky blue fingernail
polish!!! It just makes me happy to look down at this
color along side my cute little cupcake ring while I'm
crafting....aaaahhhhh, the simple things!

Have a fantastic Friday and weekend,

LOVES :) -Sarah

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rusted Sun from Fancy Pants

I love the colors of this line!!
Rusted Sun from Fancy Pants is full of
deep blues, rusted reds and oranges, golden
yellows, ocean blues, greens and dark browns...
just perfect color combos for all of those color
rich summer photos!! I used pictures from one
of our days swimming over at my dad's house.
Swimming at Papaw's has become a bit of a
summer tradition in our family. Papaw always
makes sure that the kids have plenty of pool
toys to play with while swimming and lots of
their favorite snacks to eat when the water
has worn everyone out.

It's a good time for all,
and so was creating with this line! Don't miss
out on getting yours, so hurry on over to the
Thoughts 2 Paper online store to get yours!!

Have a wonderful Thursday,
LOVES :) -Sarah

Monday, August 16, 2010

New Scraproom Pictures!!!

I am so happy with the way that my newly
reorganized/redecorated scraproom came out!!
It's packed full of my favorite things....
pretty vintage finds and yummy scrap supplies!
For the past week I have been hard at work in
this room going through boxes and making sure
that my decorating/storage solutions were
going to work for me and make my creating
process easier and after finally sitting down to
create a layout today, it works like a dream!!
I shared some sneaks of my scraproom a few
days ago and now want to show you tons of
photos of my room in it's full glory....

you are about to view a very photo heavy post!

My scraproom is located in one half of our downstairs

this is the tv cabinet

rack holds themed paper & embellies
wall shelf holds paint & glues
basket on top holds labels & tags

basket holds unmounted & acrylic stamps
metal tray holds inks and clear stamp blocks

basket holds loose flowers
small clear jar holds my crocheted flowers
Ball jar holds lace and stack of books & vintage paper
are for me to punch and use as embellies

wire basket holds my mini albums and the jar
under the fan holds my loose gemstones

my cards

my punches on the shelves and in the trays are
my 12x12 sheets of alphas (on top) & die cuts (on bottom)

albums, cardstock, and adhesive basket

my button jar up on the shelf
baskets hold non-themed embellies

all my yummy paper & kits

my stamps, basket holds my deco scissors,
and I used a cheapo curtain rod to hold my spooled ribbon

bread box on top holds my various machine dies
second shelf: magazines, books, and 8x8 & 8 1/2 x 11 albums
bottom shelf: drawers hold alphas & my ribbon rounder
there will be a small chalkboard in a vintage frame over ribbon

my bulletin board that will soon hold
all of my DT assignments, photos, LO ideas, etc.

my go to items and tools that I need for every project
sit on the edge of my desk beside my desk lamp

basket on top holds more ribbon & shelves
hold my fabric and felt (hopefully this will be full soon)
basket on floor is my mom's vintage picnic basket from
the 1970's and it holds more fabric

where my little boy, Carter, sits and plays and watches
his cartoons while I work...rocker was made by his grandpa.
Well, that's my room!!
I totally love it and am thrilled with the flow and how
everything is serving it's purpose! Hope you liked
it too and maybe even found something that you
can take away from it to use for yourself!!
Let me know what you think :)
Have a great week!!!
LOVES :) -Sarah