Monday, August 23, 2010

Paper Doilies & Etsy Update

My Etsy Shop, if all goes well, should
be up and running before the end of the
week! I'm super excited and hope that it's
a success! I've been busy creating new little
things to add to the shop and although my
mind is still full of items that I am dying to
create, I have finished working on a few of
them. Here is a little sample of some paper
doilies that I created for the shop over the
weekend. These photos are of the
Rainbow Sherbet Collection.

Here is a layout that I created using
a green paper doily just to the left of the photo.

I will also be offering a Vintage Collection and Cottage
Collection in my Etsy shop.....oh yeah, and the
name of my little shop will be.......................
Da da da dum da dum................


I know, a little weird and funky, right, but
there is an actual story behind this name.
Ok, when I was in high school my parents built
a house out in the country and the land that we
found to build the house on was 4 acres completely
inclosed withing two rows of pine trees. Also, at
the front of the property were about 20 apple trees
so we nicknamed our new home "Pineapple Farms"
and still to this day it's my favorite place on earth!!!
So, since most of my creations for the shop use scraps
of paper, fabric, photos, etc., I named my shop
PineappleScraps.....see, I told you there was a story
behind it!! I'll keep you posted as to what day this
week you'll actually be able to finally head over to
my Etsy shop and check it out!! If you'd like to order
anything in bulk or place a custom order please email
me here: Just a thought,
but I think that these custom hand punched and cut
paper doilies would be perfect additions for any of
you out there with kit clubs....just a thought!! :)

Have a wonderful Monday,
LOVES :) -Sarah

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sarah said...

very cool doilies! :)

and LOVE that layout. it's super cute! :) cute cute cute!

happy monday!