Monday, August 9, 2010

Just Sharing Some Weekend Projects

Happy Monday to everyone!
I spent all most all of my weekend in my garage
having my yearly garage sale...out with the old
and in with the new. That's exactly what we did
too! As a reward for all of our hard work, my
daughters and I went shopping at a local antique
mall/craft mall/ flea market where I currently
sell some of my scrappy goodies. We had so much
fun taking a little portion of our weekend earnings
to the mall and loaded up with new yummy finds
to bring back home. I was so proud, being the
thrifty vintage girl that I am, when my almost
fourteen year old daughter found a gorgeous
vintage dress just her size and purchased it for
an upcoming wedding...maybe a little bit of me is
rubbing off on her after all!! My youngest daughter
filled her shopping basket ( & yes they are baskets,
that makes the experience all the more fun) with
cute little handmade button rings, candy of course
from the old general store, and a couple cute little
handmade toys. I brought home some new shelves
and decor for my scraproom and I'll be sharing pics
in a few days when everything has found their homes.

As for my weekend projects, I can share all but one.
No worries, I'll be back tomorrow to post that one as
well after it goes up on the Momenta blog.

Summertime was created for Thoughts 2 Paper.

Crazy 4 Silly Bandz was created for Treasured Scrapbooking.

Scrapbooking was created for Pink Ninjas Prompt #43 Selfish.

Have a happy Monday,
LOVES :) -Sarah


Jenny B in Indy said...

Very cute. Love them all!

Liz said...