Tuesday, November 24, 2009

He got the BIG ONE!!!

On opening weekend my hubby went out deer

hunting and didn't see anything but one doe

on that Saturday, but when he went back the

next morning it was a completely different story.

He waited around until about 10 or 10:30 and

didn't see anything so he got down out of his

stand and started across the field back to the

house and was confronted by a VERY disturbed

buck (probably 2 1/2 yrs.) chasing a doe in heat

and my husband was in his way. The buck was

stomping and grunting and just wanted Steve

out of his way so Steve jumped back up into his

tree stand and blew on the grunt call to see if he

could get the deer back his way....and what came

out of the woods was the BIG ONE!!! Steve said

that he came out of the woods pretty quick and

just sniffed for the doe that the other buck had been

chasing and took off back towards the woods. He

just stopped and turned for one quick look back

for that doe and gave Steve the perfect shot.

This pretty boy is a 12 point 211 lb. field dressed

beauty that is 5 1/2 yrs & definitely going on our wall.

If you live anywhere around Indiana then you

know that's an awesome deer!!! We have 100 lbs.

of meat for the winter and I'm so proud of Steve for

getting this gorgeous deer, thanks hun.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Some Halloween Pics

Ok, just wanted to share some quick pics of the
kids pumpkin carving and Trick-Or-Treating last
night. They had a blast and even Becca (who is 13 and
officially too old for TOTing now) had a blast dressing
in all black pretending to be robbers running around
the neighborhood with her cousin and friends. Carter
wasn't quite sure what it was all about but was pretty
convinced that he liked it when he got to play with other
kids and have a couple bites of chocolate. Emily got to
TOT with her favortie cousin and collect tons of candy
so that pretty much made her month. I hope everyone
had as much fun as my kids did!!! Have a great rest of
the weekend...