Wednesday, June 30, 2010

He's Home!!!

Finally, we have our boy Franklin home
safely with us!!! We picked him up from
the volunteer driver last Friday and have
had the best weekend and last few days
with him! He is absolutely perfect!!!
I am shocked, he's completely housebroken,
doesn't bark, doesn't pay any attention
what-so-ever to our food or Carter's
toys or the trash or anything else lying
around ( I keep a clean picked up home
but with 3 kids things do get left out)...
he just might be the world's best dog!!!

Here's some pics from the past couple
of days and check back soon for some
new projects using products from my
new design teams!!

Also, these photos do not show at all
how huge Franklin is in real life...
we joke that he is mixed with a
Great Dane because of his massive size!
I just loaded these photos from my
phone and they have not been edited
so please excuse their rawness.

Happy Wednesday,
LOVES :) -Sarah

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Just Imagine Kreaxion Punches

Lucky me!
I've been asked to join the
I'm super excited to be on this team and can't
wait to get started using their awesome
4in1 punches and templates! Make sure
you stop by their site and check out the
demonstrations on how to use these
fabulous products!!!
Here's the rest of the very inspiring
Just Imagine DT member...check out their blogs.
Deborah Ebert Long
Sharon Hinkley
Have an awesome weekend!
LOVES :) -Sarah

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's Pink Ninjas Wednesday!!!

today is reveal day for
This layout is for
Prompt #40 Roots.
I used the awesome Momenta
products for this page!
My layout has photos of
my grandmother (my dad's mom)
from the 50's and journals about how
I never really had the chance to know
her because of a variety of reasons...
the biggest being that my dad grew up
in the care of his grandmother's and not
his mother's. She passed a couple of years
ago and these were a couple of the photos
that I made sure to get copies of from
her funeral, not the happiest story I know,
but part of my roots and history none-the-less.

On another note, only 2 more days until
we get to pick up Franklin....woooohoooo!!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday,
LOVES :) -Sarah

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Newest Member To Our Family....

.....will be Franklin!!
We are told that he is a super sweet
1-3 year old
full yellow lab with gorgeous green eyes
(btw, the reason I fell in love with him).
Is he not BEAUTIFUL!!!

He is now in a shelter in Kentucky and
will be driven up here to the Indy area
later on this week. We are all sooooo
excited to get this boy home and safe!
Mamaw even bought him some toys
and treats already, and I headed to the
pet store today and picked up a few
things for him. These pics are from
the shelter, and I was told from the
wonderful volunteers at Lucky Lab
Rescue that Franklin was loving on
some kids that came into the shelter
with their family over the weekend,
super good signs that he is going to
be the perfect dog for our family!!

Wish me luck and say a little prayer
that he arrives safe and sound!

Happy Monday,
LOVES :) -Sarah

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More Excitement!!

Ok, I know, a little crazy that I have
this news two days in a row, but I'm
super happy and proud to announce
that I have been asked to join the
Thoughts 2 Paper Design Team!!
Thoughts2Paper is a fabulous online
store that just happens to carry all
of my favorite scrapbooking lines
and I'm sure they're your favs too
so make sure to go check it out!!

Here's the list of awesome designers
that will be creating for Thoughts2Paper:

Existing DT Members:
Liz (Owner & Creator)

New Additional DT Members:
& Me!!!

Guest DT Members:
Michelle Hodges

Can't wait to get busy creating!!
Have a wonderful Wednesday,
LOVES :) -Sarah

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Super Excited....

I'm very excited to share
that I have been chosen to
be a Design Team Member
The TS Girls Are:
Noeleen Acosta
Liz Chidester
Pauline Dirrig
Mette Kallander
Sarah Mullanix (ME!!)
Mieke Nagtegaal
They have AMAZING kits and
are in the TOP 50 Kits ranking...
I can't wait to work with the
wonderful products...I'm just
itching with excitement and
anticipation!! If you haven't
already, make sure you head
on over to the Treasured Scrapbooking
site and check out their kits and
design gallery! There's some
awesome inspiration and work!

Have a wonderful Tuesday evening,

LOVES :) -Sarah

CHA Coupons!!

for all or any of you planning on
attending CHA summer next month
here's a little coupon for you to use
to get $5 off your
admission ticket if you have
to buy the tickets yourself!
I was emailed this coupon to
share with my blog readers so ENJOY
and I hope someone can use it!! :)

CHA CraftSuperShow
July 30-31, 2010
Donald E. Stephens Convention Center
Rosemont, IL

Just use the coupon codes on the coupon

and head on over to the website link

that I gave you to use this coupon.

Have a terrific Tuesday,

LOVES :) -Sarah

Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Treat...Yuuuuummmmm!

Snow Castle....
it's a little summer tradition of ours.
Steve and I started going here back in
high school (that was a whopping 16 years
ago when I was 16....YIKES!) and then it
was a regular stop for the two of us when
we were dating and then later when I was
pregnant with our first...perfect craving
food for when I was preggers!
Now, here we are all these years later,
taking our 3 kiddos back multiple times
every summer to enjoy these perfect
summertime treats! I only wish that
I had photos of Steve and me back in
the day...what fun that would be!!
Here are a few shots from our stop
at Snow Castle this past weekend. All
shots are taken from the car because
one side of the little building is a drive
through and the other side is a walk up.
We usually do the drive through and eat
on the ride home or take a nice drive
through the country while enjoying our
snow cones. Yuuuuummmmmmm!!!

Sorry for the fuzzy pics...they
were all taken with my phone
and most where taken through
the car window.
Have a fabulous Monday,
LOVES :) -Sarah

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My First Pink Ninja's Layout!

Hey everyone!!!
I'm super excited because today is post day
for my very first every Pink Ninja project!
Here is how it works...every other week
we have a prompt for example,
the prompt for this week was
MUG SHOT so I took it a bit of a
different direction and decided to
scrap photos of my very much loved
mug/jar collection. I pick up these
jars pretty much everywhere but
mostly at garage sales and flea markets.
My absolute most favorite one is the
teal one in the photo that holds my
favorite drink ever...sweet sun tea that
I of course make myself!! I use them for
anything and everything from mugs to
vases to storage for my scrappy items
like buttons and ribbon. My entire cup
cabinet in my kitchen is even full of jars
because that's mostly what we use for
cups in my household...and I LOVE it!
That teal one just makes me sooooo
happy & it even matches my phone!!!
It's my favorite color! :)

Happy Wednesday,
ENJOY :) -Sarah


Everyone needs to head over to my online
friend, Sarah de Guzman's blog to enter
one or all of her 3 Giveaways.
There is a super cute mini album and
a stack of Thickers up for grabs if you
just happen to be the lucky winner!!
Get over there, Quick, Fast,
and in a Hurry!!!! :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday,
LOVES :) -Sarah

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Cutest & Sweetest Thing Ever!!

This has to be the sweetest proposal I've ever seen!

I saw this on Kaelah Bee's blog and just had to share!

I literally had tears in my eyes while I was laughing

out loud thinking about how much this guy must

love her to do all of this for her...aaahhhh, to be

loved like that! She's a lucky girl!!

Happy Tuesday,

LOVES :) -Sarah

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Feeling Inspired... what's new.
I'm so overly inspired
(if there even is such a thing)
by every little thing that I see!
and I mean everything!!
I found myself being inspired
by a dandlelion growing out of a
crack in my driveway a couple of
days ago while watching my kids
playing around the
all honesty though, it was beautiful!

Anyway, today, well actually yesterday,
I did a little photo shoot of my loved
jar/mug colllection. I LOVE LOVE LOVE
these babies!! I'm so completely loving
my most recent addition to the collection,
a quite large teal Ball glass jar that I
picked up just a few weeks ago at a yard
sale. It's my totally favorite color and it
even matches my phone! I find myself
sitting outside sipping tea from this cute
glass and just loving it, so it completely
inspired the photo shoot that includes
some other flea market and garage sale
finds like the vintage floral sheet I use
for a table cloth and a sweet little wooden
duckling that is just oh so cute!! The
roses are cut from the climbing vine on
the side of my shed and the four jars in
the photos are no where near my entire
collection...just picked a few
favs for the shots!!
This is all so pretty to me that I had
to share, hope you like!!

Have a fabulous Saturday,
LOVES :) -Sarah

Friday, June 4, 2010

What The Heart Needs...

Saw this on Kelly Purkey's blog and LOVED IT!!!

Can't wait til it comes out!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

LOVES :) -Sarah

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Not too much going on today.
Just enjoying the girls being out of school
for our first week of SUMMER BREAK!!


I absolutely LOVE not having to wake
up at 6am....even though I am a morning
person, being able to get out of bed at
6:30- 7:00 makes a world of difference!
I have some really fun photos of
Becca's last day of 7th grade to share
probably in the next day or two...
still need to edit them. Becca was
allowed to take her camera to school
on the last day and she took some
really fun pics of her with her friends
and also some of her with her favorite
teachers. She also had a really cute idea
of buying a white hoodie and she had
all of her friends and teachers sign it
with colorful markers...turned out
sooooo cute and I'll have pics of that too.

For now I just have a card to share
that I made during one of
Carter's naps, it turned out really cute
I think. I used super cute MLS papers
on the card. I've also been creating for
my upcoming announcement and I
might tease you all here in a couple
days with some peeks.

That's all for now!

Happy Thursday,
LOVES:) -Sarah

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Some BIG News!!

I have a few things to share today.

First of all, I have been invited to join

the Pink Ninjas (hence my new profile pic).

They are a fabulous site that sells

some of the BEST kits I've seen!!

All of the talented ladies there are

amazing designers and have that

bit of a funky twist that we all wish

we had...make sure you check out

the site and the kits for tons of


My second piece of news is that I

have an article up for June over at

The article is 'Boys Of Summer'

and it features two layouts of my

sweet little boy, Carter.

Very excited about this and if you'd

like you can check it out here!

And last but not least, I'd like to

leave you with a project that I created


My Little Shoebox products.

I used this beautiful sheet of paper

and cut out the drooping flower buds

and turned them into hot air balloons!

The photo frame is an old gold frame

that I picked up at a garage sale for a

whopping 25 cents and sprayed it a

dark shade of hot pink, I added the

gorgeous b&w ribbon, and now it hangs

in my Emmy's room adding another

splash of color to her pink, purple,

and hints of teal bedroom...

she loves it!!

I have some really exciting ventures

coming up within the next month so

keep checking back for the big announcement

and also a really fun giveaway to coincide

with my upcoming BIG news!!

Happy Wednesday,

LOVES :) -Sarah

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Birthday GIVEAWAY!!!

Hey all, go check out this super yummy
GIVEAWAY "Heritage 1981"over on
She has a birthday coming up and is
giving away all of this fabulous product
to help celebrate....don't miss out on
your chance to win!!

Happy Tuesday,

LOVES :) -Sarah