Saturday, June 5, 2010

Feeling Inspired... what's new.
I'm so overly inspired
(if there even is such a thing)
by every little thing that I see!
and I mean everything!!
I found myself being inspired
by a dandlelion growing out of a
crack in my driveway a couple of
days ago while watching my kids
playing around the
all honesty though, it was beautiful!

Anyway, today, well actually yesterday,
I did a little photo shoot of my loved
jar/mug colllection. I LOVE LOVE LOVE
these babies!! I'm so completely loving
my most recent addition to the collection,
a quite large teal Ball glass jar that I
picked up just a few weeks ago at a yard
sale. It's my totally favorite color and it
even matches my phone! I find myself
sitting outside sipping tea from this cute
glass and just loving it, so it completely
inspired the photo shoot that includes
some other flea market and garage sale
finds like the vintage floral sheet I use
for a table cloth and a sweet little wooden
duckling that is just oh so cute!! The
roses are cut from the climbing vine on
the side of my shed and the four jars in
the photos are no where near my entire
collection...just picked a few
favs for the shots!!
This is all so pretty to me that I had
to share, hope you like!!

Have a fabulous Saturday,
LOVES :) -Sarah


meganklauer said...

I totally have the same addiction to Ball jars! I'm so inspired to get a pic and scrap it now. Thank you!!!

sarah said...

thanks for the inspo, my friend. :)