Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My First Pink Ninja's Layout!

Hey everyone!!!
I'm super excited because today is post day
for my very first every Pink Ninja project!
Here is how it works...every other week
we have a prompt for example,
the prompt for this week was
MUG SHOT so I took it a bit of a
different direction and decided to
scrap photos of my very much loved
mug/jar collection. I pick up these
jars pretty much everywhere but
mostly at garage sales and flea markets.
My absolute most favorite one is the
teal one in the photo that holds my
favorite drink ever...sweet sun tea that
I of course make myself!! I use them for
anything and everything from mugs to
vases to storage for my scrappy items
like buttons and ribbon. My entire cup
cabinet in my kitchen is even full of jars
because that's mostly what we use for
cups in my household...and I LOVE it!
That teal one just makes me sooooo
happy & it even matches my phone!!!
It's my favorite color! :)

Happy Wednesday,
ENJOY :) -Sarah


allyson joy said...

Rad layout!! I love you collection of mugs and I adore how
you scrapped them!!! You're a rocking pink ninja lady!!!

Christina said...

1st ninja layout!! wooohoo!!

Jillian Deiling Cassity said...

thats awesome that you use jars as cups! :) your layout is gorgeous, so are the photos, love it!!

Mandi said...

Hi Sarah! Nice to meet someone who experienced the area here in Northeast Ohio. :) I actually have several friends who left to go to school in Anderson. And they never came back. ha

sarah said...

congrats again on being a ninja! :) you are one rockin' scrapper, sarah!



Gloria said...

This is such a cool layout ...I want to hang it on my wall...beautiful it..

BabyBokChoy said...

This layout is very well designed!!! Love the multiphoto and the layering of the photos, great work!