Sunday, November 1, 2009

Some Halloween Pics

Ok, just wanted to share some quick pics of the
kids pumpkin carving and Trick-Or-Treating last
night. They had a blast and even Becca (who is 13 and
officially too old for TOTing now) had a blast dressing
in all black pretending to be robbers running around
the neighborhood with her cousin and friends. Carter
wasn't quite sure what it was all about but was pretty
convinced that he liked it when he got to play with other
kids and have a couple bites of chocolate. Emily got to
TOT with her favortie cousin and collect tons of candy
so that pretty much made her month. I hope everyone
had as much fun as my kids did!!! Have a great rest of
the weekend...



Lisa Dorsey said...

Love those photos Sarah! Your new haircut looks fabulous and the kids are getting so big!

redoaklines said...

okay that is seriously one of the cutest lil superheroes i have ever seen! ;) hehehe.

love your pumpkin carving too! can't wait to see you get those scrapped!


Emily C said...

Hi! I just stumbled across your blog when I was looking for a "pipefitter's wife". I spend alot of time home alone so I wondered if there were more wives like me holding down the fort while their husband is off making a living. Your pictures are beautiful by the way! :)