Friday, August 27, 2010

Please VOTE For Me & A GIVEAWAY!!

I was sent an email today inviting me to join
a blog contest. Apparently I get to receive these
super cool HUE LEGGINGS just for participating in the
contest, but if my blog receives the most votes
(that's where you come in) then I will get a trip
to New York!!! Sooooo exciting because this
small town momma of three rarely gets out of
my own little town let alone New York!!! So please
please pretty please with a cherry on top vote
for my blog if you enjoy it here! Also, I think
my email invite may have come a little late so
there's only about a week left in this contest so
please vote but only one vote per each FB account
is allowed so please send over everyone you know!
Simply click on the banner below and that will take
you to Facebook, if you're not signed in you will need
to do that then you will be taken to the voting page,
just click on the little button that says Vote Here...
it's that easy!!! :)

Thanks so much to all of you who support my blog

and read and leave such kind comments. Reading
your kind words absolutely makes my day!! Also, my
followers have been growing like leaps and bounds
and thanks to the Thoughts 2 Paper blog hop this week
I am now over fifty followers so I'd now like to shoot
for one hundred!!! Let's see if we can hit that, shall we?
I really do want people to follow my blog because they
like seeing my work and enjoy my family updates, but
as a reward for helping me spread the word about my
little contest going on, I will be sending a RAK to the
person who can send over the most new followers and
can vote my way to New York, New York!!! Please
share this contest on your blogs, FB, Twitter, where
ever you'd like just get them here to vote and become a
follower...make sure that your friends leave the name of
who sent them and when the contest is over I'll send a
RAK to the person who sent the most people to my blog!!

Again, thank you all soooooo much for following and
for your support just simply by leaving kind comments!
I love it and hope to see my blog grow bigger and I'll
try to bring you all better things with every post!!

Have a fantastic weekend!!
LOVES :) -Sarah


Sarah said...

voted for you lady!! hope you win!

Jan Garber said...

Voted! Good Luck! Better you in New York than me! ;)

BabyBokChoy said...

voted for you, now how do i unlike broadway whatever? hahahaha