Monday, March 9, 2009

Almost like SPRING...almost!

The weather was absolutely GORGEOUS this weekend
here in Central Indiana! Temp. in the 70's, sun shining,
and just so nice to get out of the house for a little while.
So, the girls played in the backyard, found their skates
in the garage and put them to good use, and then we all
headed out for a little walk to the neighborhood park.
Carter absolutely LOVED the breeze, it was pretty strong,
but he still loved it. He even laughed we he kept seeing
all of our hair blowing around. It just totally makes me
crave those Spring and Summer days when I don't have
to send my girls off to school, and we can just hang around
the house having picnics, playing, and enjoying the
gorgeous weather together...not too much longer!

And this game is the reason I have not posted in
a whole week! Oh my goodness, I'm addicted!!
We bought this game for the girls...they have one
for their PS2 that's in their room, but we thought
that we'd buy a different version of it for their Wii
they received for Christmas and although we all
LOVE it and it was well worth the money, I can't
make myself quit! I even stayed up until after
midnight playing one night...and if you know me
and that I have a 6 month old too, that's very late!
The game is kind of like a SIMS type of thing...
you build a farm, plant your garden, raise
animals, and eventually you can even get married
and have kids and all sorts of things that I haven't
gotten to yet! Oh, this silly game...

Happy Thursday everyone!!!
I should be back tomorrow with a couple of
new LO's to share if I can manage to stay off
the Wii long enough to print my pictures!

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ckmom78 said...

Thanks for posting this, i might get this for Easter!!