Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lots Today

Tons of stuff to post today.
First of all, it's my 32nd Birthday so
Happy Birthday to me!!!!

I live in this tiny little town that you can
drive right through without even knowing if you're
not careful. I live right on Main St. walking distance
from pretty much everything...the park and play ground,
neighborhood grocery store, gas station, post office, police
station, community center, you get the idea. Well, this is
the gorgeous scene that I woke up to this morning...

Also, my 14 month old Carter did something totally
gross and yet still hilarious yesterday. If you live in the
mid-west like I do then you know how this time of year
everyone gets swarms of ladybugs crawling on and around
the house and many will even find their way into the house.
So, Carter was looking out of the window just watching the
cars and walkers go by like he always does and as he turns
around I can see that he has something in his mouth.
My oldest, Becca, said "Um Mom...I think Carter ate a ladybug"
and yes that was the case. He must have grabbed it off the
window sill and decided that it looked halfway edible and
popped that little sucker right into his mouth. So after I got
him to spit it out and it stuck to his chin I decided that it was too
funny to pass up and I snapped a couple of pics...

The bad thing is that I can't keep them out of the house and
he ate a second ladybug later last least they are not
getting swallowed, just sampled for a little while.

Now lastly I have a layout that I did for Moxxie of course
and then a few cards that I made just for fun.

Thanks so much for looking and hope you all have a
wonderful day!


Jaime Lynne said...

Happy, happy birthday, Sarah! Perhaps you should have chocolate-covered lady bugs for your birthday dessert! :)

Hope it is a wonderful day!

Lisa Dorsey said...

Have a very happy birthday Sarah!!! Loved your ladybug story and the layout and cards are fabulous!

Jenny B in Indy said...

Carter AND the lo and cards.