Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our Weekend In Photos

Hi everyone!!

I haven't shared photos in soooooo long, and that's definitely something I need to step up on. The kids are growing at a ridiculous rate and although I do take tons of photos (way too many photos actually), I definitely need to share more of those here on my blog. So, this past weekend was our first real summer-like weekend here in central Indiana that didn't involve rain. Our weather has been all over the place, and if it's not rain then it's still just too stinkin' cold to get outdoors. I finally was able to purchase my flowers for the yard this weekend....WoooHoooo!!! Planting my flowers is usually my annual Mother's Day treat, but this year has been so cold and rainy that I just haven't been able to get outside to do it. It's been hard just to keep the yard mowed because of all this crazy rain!! Anyway, this past weekend was just absolutely GORGEOUS so we started off with mowing our yard because it so desperately needed a good trim with all of the rain we've been having, and of course Carter had to help Daddy :) cute!!

Carter had to take a break about half way through helping Daddy mow the backyard because the poor little guy overheats quickly, so he sat himself down with a juice pack and then he was back in business!!

The next order of business was cleaning out our shop vac. Steve gave Carter the hose to spray out the inside of the vac, and as most of you know, giving a 2 year old a hose will either end in lots of fun or lots of this case it ended in lots of fun, thank goodness!! Carter ended up talking big sis, Emmy, into putting on his swimming trunks and then he proceeded to climb right into the vac full of water, which then lead me to getting out his baby pool from last summer (boy this poor kid sure needs a swimming pool upgrade!) Becca and Emmy decided to lay out for a little while since everyone was outside enjoying the sun, and when Carter saw Becca in her sunglasses of course he had to have his sunglasses on this pic!!

Even Bodey joined the fun, but he was a little scared of the mower which is why he's standing in the mulch around the tree :)
My goofball daughter!! :)
We ended the day with cooking some hamburgers on the grill (the first grilled dinner of the season!) and then a little baseball with Daddy and Carter in the front yard before bedtime.

Ahhhh, it was such a wonderful weekend!!

LOVES :) -Sarah

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Audrey Pettit said...

Awesome pictures! Love all the shots of your kiddos. Your little guy sure looks busy and happy. Love his little swimming pool. :)