Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day

I think that Steve really enjoyed his Father's Day! The girls started off the morning by waking up before I even did, and making their Daddy breakfast in bed. Becca tried making an angel food cake that she looked up the recipe for online, but it didn't turn out quite right so I helped her cook some scrambled eggs. Emily made Steve's favorite, a toasted peanut butter sandwich with some fruit. The whole thing was very sweet! We hung around the house for a little while then headed out for lunch and then off to the store to buy the big present...a GPS that Steve has been really wanting. He had no idea that he was getting this gift and even protested for a few minutes that it was too much, but soon enough he was like a kid in a candy store surrounded by the latest and greatest boys toys. He picked one out and we immediately installed it in our van and had it take us to Mounds State Park to spend some time outdoors walking the trails and seeing the sights. After a couple of hours at the park we headed for some take out and a movie rental and spent the rest of the night watching movies and chatting. It was a great day with just our little family, and I hope Steve really enjoyed his Father's Day.

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