Sunday, July 20, 2008

Holiday World Pics!!!

We all went down to Holiday World for the first time last weekend and it was a blast!!! Emily was tall enough to ride any of the rides she wanted to as long as Steve went with her, and of course Becca has been tall enough to ride on her own for years. We spent the entire day riding every ride in the park we could find and even hung out in the water park for a while were Emily got to go on her very first water slides...she LOVED them!!! She didn't want to leave the water park once she had gotten a taste of those water slides. I hung out on the benches (since I'm super preggers) while Steve, Becca, and Emily enjoyed the rides. The lines weren't too long so my waits were kept to a minimum. It was such a GREAT day and I LOVED that Holiday World offers you FREE DRINKS...that was such a LIFESAVER!!!! Can't wait to go back next year when I can actually ride too!

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