Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First Day of School Pics

Not the best first day of school pictures I've ever taken...
that's for sure!!! I even missed Becca's picture that
morning and had to snap one as she was coming home
from school...but I have a good excuse.
We had just brought home Carter (2 days old)
the night before the first day of school!!!

Becca's bus actually picks her up at 6:55am and I had

Carter in my arms and didn't even think to get my camera out.

By the time Emily's bus rolled around the corner at 7:40am

I was a little more prepared. Carter had fallen asleep so I was

able to think straight and grab my camera to take a few photos.

Since Becca started middle school this year, I'll have no more

pictures of them heading off to school together... I'm really

going to miss that!

In honor of back to school time

here's a layout that I made with pitures of

the girls from the first day of school last year.

Thanks for stopping by... have a wonderful day!

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