Thursday, October 9, 2008

Time Management

Alright, I need some help planning and squeezing every
moment out of each day. I find that by about 6pm every
day I am getting frazzled because evenings are crazy
around here. So, to help organize all of our schedules
into one place that I can even take with me on the go
(because with Becca's sports the schedule is constantly
changing) I created a cute little calendar that I can
throw into the diaper bag (which also serves as my
purse because I can't stand carrying two bags and a
baby) and have with me anytime I need to check it
or add to it. Of course it needed to be cute and decorative
so not just any old calendar would do, which is why I
made this for Emma's Paperie Color Challenge (pink for
the month of October). Click over to Emma's Paperie to
check out other cute PINK projects for this month.

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