Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Trying Something New!!!

Ok, I've been thinking about starting an etsy store for
a little while and I think I'll test it out here first. I love
scrapping (as we all do) and many times I get a visual
in my head for a layout, create it, and then I just don't
have the right pictures for the page...so the layout sits
around my scraproom for a while until the right photos
come along. Well, I was thinking that maybe there was
something else that I could do with these photo-less
pages instead of letting them hang around my scraproom
for an indefinite period of time and that's where the
consideration for an etsy store came into play.
I'm going to put up 3 pre-made layouts for sale here
on my blog and if I get a decent response then I'll know
it's worth continuing.
All of these layouts will come just as you see them here...
completely finished and all you have to do is
JUST ADD PHOTOS and a little journaling if you choose.
These pages will be great for those of you who
just don't have all of the time to dedicate towards
scrapbooking that you'd like, and also makes a
wonderful gift album for a friend or family member.
Remember that these layouts are all one of a kind
therefore there is only one of each, so if you like it then
hurry up and grab it before it's gone!!
Happy Birthday $10
12x12 single page layout
holds one 4x6 photo
and two 3x4 photos

Easter Fun $10
12x12 single page layout
holds three 3x4 photos

Fun With Friends $15
12x12 double page layout
holds two 4x6 photos
and four 3x4 photos

Please email me sarahmullanix@yahoo.com
to place an order or if you have custom orders
or any questions. There will be a $5 delivery
fee for any orders inside of the US and a
$10 delivery charge for anything outside of
the country. Once I get more layouts for sale
I will offer free shipping on any orders of
$50 or more.
Thank you so much for all of your
kind words and support.


meganklauer said...

Great layouts Sarah and what a fun idea! Your creativity amazes me!

Elizabeth said...

I love your idea and think it's a great one! Your layouts will definitely sell girl, they are totally cute!

I hope your weekend is blessed!

Anonymous said...

what a great idea! :)

hope you are doing well.

Jenny B in Indy said...

Sarah, I think it's a great idea! I think a LOOOONG time ago I bought one of your kits at Scrapbook Corner.. Loved it!

You might try eBay or Etsy, too.
I used to sell my paper bag albums on eBay for a min of $25.. there was an awesome response there but with this economy, I don't know what's selling on there anymore, KWIM?

Also, some of the girls from Scrapbook Corner got together and have a space at a mall in Noblesville where they sell their projects and layouts.. you might check that out.
Here's the blog addy http://ourcreativeoutlet.blogspot.com/
Good Luck!!

Jenny B in Indy said...

Sarah.. Where ya at, girl? Is everything okay?