Monday, November 22, 2010

Teenage Girls Room Makeover

Good morning everyone!
I had mentioned last week that I had not been
scrapping and blogging quite as much as I normally
do because of being busy with my 14 year old
daughter's room makeover. Although I do still
have a few more projects and painting left to do,
I wanted to share photos of my progress so far.
I figured if she thought her room was finished
enough to have a sleepover this weekend, then it's
also finished enough for me to share pics. I'm really
so happy with the way this room is coming together
and Becca is too which is the most important thing.

First of all, I'd like to give you a little background
info on where the room is in our home and how we
decided on the color combo. We moved into our home
last February and the fourth bedroom (Becca's room)
is downstairs (we live in a tri-level) with it's own
bathroom which is why Becca thought this bedroom
would be perfect for her and it really is. Becca's grandma
bought all of the kids a new bed set of their choice when
we first moved into our house and this is where our
color inspiration began for the room. Becca really
wanted the wall behind her bed to be a different color
than the rest of the room so my first instinct was to go
brown and she agreed. I also love the color combo of
brown and teal so I suggested teal for the rest of the room
but Becca had already made up her mind that she wanted
green so I agreed. We are both so thrilled with these colors
now that they are up on the walls, and all of our fabric
and color choices were chosen based on what wall they
would be accenting. Here are some photos to give you an
idea of what we've done.....


bought at a garage sale for $3.50 for the set of 2


The pair of lamps were bought at a garage sale for
$1 for the pair and I bought plain white lampshades
in the size and style we wanted for just $7 each and
the covered them in a yard of fabric which was only $5
and then accented the top and bottom edges with teal
ribbon purchased for only $2.50. The owl was a garage
sale find for $1 and the frame was only 25 cents and I
spray painted it hot pink. If you look at the photos on
top where you can see the entire wall, I also found
the candle holder at a garage sale for 25 cents and
spray painted it silver along with a shell Becca brought
back from Florida and a set of wooden country stars
that were also garage sale finds for 25 cents and just
totally look so funky and cute painted silver.

The framed art over her bed was also a garage sale
find. It was originally a hunter green frame with a poster
inside of an Italian scene bought for only $2. I sprayed
the frame silver and then used my scrappy patterned paper
stash to create the patchwork design. It was so easy and I
did it during Carter's nap!! All I did was choose papers in
coordinating colors and cut 3x3 squares then randomly
place them on top of the poster. I did a dry fit first, then
when I was happy with the design I taped down the paper
squares.....pretty cute I think, and not bad at all for only $2.

Next, I painted Becca's desk and chair, covered the seat
of the chair with leftover fabric from the lampshades,
and I did actually purchase new drapes for $11 each panel.
I almost bought brown drapes, but decided on teal which
I think make the room more fun and perfect for a teenager.



I still need to paint Becca's dresser white like I did the
desk, but I found the mirror that is hanging over her
dresser at a garage sale for $4 and it was that ugly
70's speckled goldy/bronze color so I spray painted it
silver like the other accents in her room and it now
has a whole new life. The picture frame on her dresser
was something that she already had and I found the
silver plate at a garage sale for only 10 cents and love
the way it holds all of her girly things she uses daily
like her nail polish, sunglasses, and perfume and lotion.

Becca's room has a small section of wall between
her closet doors (which I still need to paint white)
and her bathroom door (which still need the trim put up)
so I thought that this wall space would be just perfect
for a few vintage frames that I found at where else?
a garage sale of course!! The two smaller frames were
only 10 cents each, I spray painted them teal, and then
printed off some free clipart from the computer. The
center frame was found for a quarter and I spray painted
the frame hot pink and spray painted the inside with a
chalk board paint to that Becca can draw cute things or
her friends can leave her fun messages when they come
over...she really loved this!!



Last but not least, I also painted her bathroom the same
green as most of the walls in her bedroom. I found a
really fun paper towel holder for only $6 (half off at a
store....I know right, I actually bought something new!)
that I used for her towel rack and spray painted it silver,
spray painted this frame teal and the photo mat with the
chalkboard paint and used my scrappy supplies to create
the paper doily and peace sign flower buds. This frame
was originally gold and the mat was dark blue and I
found it at a garage sale for just $2. I hung a brown
towel over the towel rack and used a cute little floral
hand towel found for only $1, then used a christmas
tree ornament found for $1 in the center of the
hand towel for decoration. I think these little details
are what really makes the room unique and special.

Well, I think that's about all to show you right now.
I really take pride in my home and since I am a stay at
home mom, I try to save as much as I possibly can
while still making our home a nice and comfortable
place to live. I very much enjoy decorating our home
and I love using thrifted goods and garage sale finds
in new ways to decorate...I also love that it adds some
character to our home when I transform my finds into
something fun and new, and my daughter loves that
no other girls will have a room quite like hers!

I hope you enjoyed these photos and possibly may be
able to use some thrifted items or even items from your
own home in a new and updated way!!

Have a wonderful Monday!
LOVES :) -Sarah


Angi @ CokiePop said...

Wowza...what a FAB project Sarah. Love it all especially how you used the patterned paper. Great idea. I have a Bekah too. She's off to college.
I'm showing this post to my 14 yr old (Rachel)right now. We've been trying to re-do her room. Thanks for the inspiration:)

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Oh wow, that's a beautiful room, love the end table, what a steal, you could easily now sell it for $55!

ellen s. said...

no way! these are so awesome..can i move in????

Rhonda V. said...

Holy Smokes Sarah! You did a totally amazzzzzing job with this! I'm in awe and I know that your daughter has to just love love LOVE it!

Bravo gf!!!

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

WOW! I wanna live in that room too! This is amazing!!!! You are a garage sale what you have done with everything!

Kathy said...

Just beautiful Sarah! What a special place for a teenage to retreat, I bet she loves it. Thankyou for stopping by and leaving some sweet blog love over at my liitle patch of blogland:) Have a lovely day,

Liz said...

Sarah you are just amazing I will leave it at that.. you are such an artist

Maria said...

WOW!!!! I just happened on your blog by doing a blog search for girls room makeover. I absolutely LOVE this room! The results are amazing! I am just about to post my little girl's room makeover, but the before and after aren't nearly as dramatic as yours! Way to go!!!

Olya Olegovna said...

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