Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy Holidays...boy I've been gone a while!!!

Where do I begin...

well I spent the weekend before last working on Christmas cards

for my family and friends that turned out like this...

... pretty cute I thought. So, I had the bright idea to take

a picture of the kids together wearing their Santa hats in front

of the Christmas tree for all the grandparents and family

that looked like this...

So far so good! On our way to my dad's house Tuesday night

for his Christmas, we ran by CVS and my hubby drops me off

at the door to run in and print off a couple quick pictures for my

dad, but I never even made it into the building! Only a few steps

across the sidewalk and my feet slipped on the sheet of ice and

down I went catching myself with my head. I'm not sure if the

fall knocked my out or not, but I couldn't see anything for probably

a good 30 seconds. I just remember my husband calling out to me

from the car asking if I was OK, and I responded NO!!!

He said he knew then that I was really hurt, because I always

say that I'm fine. I found out later that my poor girls were in the car

crying because there was a puddle of blood on the sidewalk were my

head hit, and thank goodness my poor little baby Carter was asleep

in his car seat while my hubby and an EMT that just happened to be

walking out of the building helped me sit up.

I found out that I have a concussion (not sure if I spelled that right)

and trying to sit through the holiday parties and all of our families

houses was almost impossible. I hope they can all email me pictures

because I was and still am way too dizzy to take any. That just makes

me want to cry because it's my baby's first Christmas.

So, that's why I haven't posted for a while but now that I'm stuck

here at home and can't drive I'll try to do some catching up.

Hope everyone had a much better week than I did!!!

Happy Holidays All!!!!


Anonymous said...

cuuute pics! looks like you had a wonderful holiday! :)


Lisa Dorsey said...

Oh Sarah!!!! Hope you are feeling better sweetie! I am sure Carter's first Christmas was perfect anyway!

Happy New Year!!!

Deb said...

oh my goodness! are you feeling better yet? I hope so. I love your new hairdo! The photos are great, thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

We made it thru Ashleys wedding in nov. take a look at the photos here:
Now on to the next wedding, Whitney's will be 12/19/09...i'm gonna go crazy with them this close together!!!
keep in touch