Monday, December 8, 2008

That time of year...again!

Oh my goodness! I absolutely love this time of year and all of the
gorgeous decorations, but I really dread this time of year and all
of the decorations too...can anyone relate with that or is it just me?
In our family it is my hubby's job to go out to the garage, find where
he stashed all of the Christmas boxes the year before, and bring them
into the house for me and the girls to set up. Every stinkin year he
goes out to the garage and returns with about 3 or 4 boxes (we have
about 10 Christmas boxes) and promises me that this is it, no more
boxes to be found anywhere. We debate this for about 15 minutes
and then miraculously there are some boxes that seem to appear
from nowhere back in some remote corner of the garage. Well this
year, all boxes have made it into the house except the ones with our
tree lights and ornaments!!! So, our tree is still sitting bare in our
living room and I think my hubby would rather go out and buy new
decorations than have to dig through our garage anymore...oh my my!
Hopefully I look back at all this one day and laugh!!!
So, I am posting pics of the girls putting our tree together last year
because I may not get any this year...wish me luck!!!


Lisa Dorsey said...

Such cute pictures of the girls! Hope you find everything! :)

P.S. We miss you too!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah,
Of course i remember you! I love your work girl...great eye candy here!
ANd the story about your husband and the Christmas decorations...that happens to me every single year!!! Geesh!