Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Karate Princess

My sweet Emmy is having a blast in karate!
We signed her up when a dojo opened up recently
just down the road from our house. We thought
that karate would improve Emily's confidence and
self-esteem, and boy we were right...she's thriving!!
Tonight she actually came home with a new badge
for me to sew onto her new blue gi for being able to
do the splits. It's a big deal in her beginner class to
get the colored gi...they all start out with white ones
and when the students can finally do either the
splits or the straddles then they can choose either
a red or blue gi...Emmy chose blue. She is sooo
proud of herself and I am too. I love seeing her
come out of her shell and truely enjoy something
that she thought she would never have the guts to
do. She is learning and just moving right along...only
one more step to go and she will get to be promoted
to the next class and receive her yellow striped belt!
I'm so proud of her!!!

1 comment:

Lisa Dorsey said...

Yay, way to go Emily!!!!! Great pics Sarah!