Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Tattoo

Since we just had our baby boy a few months ago, my hubby
thought that he would like to get a tattoo with all three of our
kids names on it. He wanted it to be very special and not just
some tattoo that he picked out of a book or online so he asked
me if I would design and draw one for him. I was a little
hesitant at first because for one, it's been about ten years
since I've drawn anything and taken any art classes, and two,
I didn't want to be responsible for something that was going
to be a permanant part of him and mess it up!! So, after a
while of trying to persuade me and describing in detail what
he wanted I finally gave in. The design and drawing took me
and entire evening, but I very happy with the result and so
was the tattoo artist and my hubby. Here are the pictures
of my drawing and the final result of his tattoo.
Pretty cool I think!



meganklauerphotography said...

OMG! This is awesome! Makes it even more special knowing you drew it for him.

Jenny B in Indy said...

That's awesome!!