Saturday, May 8, 2010

Beauty & The Beast Promised!!

Alright, here they all of their dark and fuzzy glory!! :(
You know how that goes. We weren't allowed to take photos or
video the nights of the play because there was a professional
photographer there taking photos who is now charging $3 per
every 4x6 (yikes!) so while helping out with the set and costumes
I stayed to watch the full dress rehearsal and was lucky enough
in a completely blacked out school gym to get these shots.

this is Belle's cottage that took up most of

my painting time and started as two sheets

of insulation board and with the help of the

in house carpenter I turned it into this

this is the Beast's library in his castle
that he gives to Belle, it's the backside
of Belle's cottage so I painted the walls
green, stamped the gold flourished,
stained a somewhat put together
bookcase, made gold trim for it with
insulation board, used book wallpaper
border to make the shelves look more
full and fill it up with real books and

here is the Cogsworth costume that I made

Belle in her village

Belle and Gaston in front of her cottage

Maurice stumbling into the Beast's castle

Cogsworth and Lumiere showing Belle
around the castle after she stays in her
father's place

Gaston in the Stag's Head bar with
his Silly girls

the Beast looking into his mirror

Beast, Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, and Cogsworth

bringing Belle to dinner

my little teacup (in the middle)
singing and dancing in 'Be Our Guest'

Mrs. Potts and Belle
and my daughter behind them

the entire 'Be Our Guest' cast

Cogsworth and Beast waiting for
Belle to come down for dinner

Belle askes The Beast to dance

The Beast twirling Belle

to be human again!
Yes, you may have picked up from the photos
that there were two Belle's and two of a couple
others also. A few of the major rolls had Fri.
night people and others for Sat. night.
This was tons of work but so much fun and
the kids did such a fabulous job...better than
I ever expected!! Looking forward to next year!
Have a wonderful weekend,


meganklauer said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! What an amazing job!

sarah said...

oh my word! how awesome is that! the costumes and props and everything else! LOVE!

can't wait to see you scrap those photos!


Jaime Lynne said...

AH-MA-ZING!!!! It looks like it was an incredible show.