Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Weekend Vintage Finds

I LOVE thrift shops, garages sales,
flea markets, etc.....let me repeat,


So, this past weekend was a huge
success as far as vintage finds go
and the best part of all is that I
actually talked my hubby into
going with me! We had a blast!
So, as promised, here are some
photos of my super cute and cool
lovelies that made it home with me.

super fun and colorful plasticware,

an orangey/red plastic pitcher with

a clover shape around the handle &

the flower bowl makes the perfect

popcorn bowl during movie watching

a garden owl...love owls because my dad
loved them and collected them when I was
young so that just stuck with me and I think
that this guy looks just lovely sitting amongst
all of my flowers under my backyard tree

these two sweet little lovebird owls
I just couldn't resist...how could anyone?

and my best find to date,
this GORGEOUS radio/record player...
the record player of my dreams!
oh how those loved albums will
sound on this beauty!!

again, if anyone has any sort of knowledge
about what year you think this might have
been made I would greatly appreciate
any input!!
More Momenta LO's coming
tomorrow so check back!!
Happy Tuesday,
LOVES :) -Sarah

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