Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sharing Some More MOMENTA Goodness

Just wanted to quickly post the rest of my
Momenta projects that I finally got
photographed yesterday when the sun
was shining so brightly.....and HOT!
I still have a few more LO's and cards
up my sleeve because I seriously can't
keep my hands off of this product!
The texture of the paper is soooo
fabulous to work with and I just
LOVE creating with it!!

I also really LOVED playing with my photos
on the 'Best Time Ever' layout.
I wanted to give the photos a bit more
of a vintage carni feel and I also
wanted to bring out some teal in them
to go along with the feel of the layout.
Here's my before and after of the
shot I took of the ferris wheel...

& after...

I really like the outcome!
I also played with the colors of the others
so that they become more and more
faded as they approach the bottom of the
page until finally the bottom photo is pretty
much black & white. It's fun to to try new
and different things, I very much enjoy it!
If any of you have done some new
techniques or just stepped out of your
comfort zone lately, I'd appreciate
either hearing about it or seeing your
final result.....don't be shy, SHARE!

LOVES :) -Sarah


sarah said...

these are amazingly beautiful! :) you are rockin' all of those designs! :)


meganklauer said...

More awesomeness! Love the "me" layout...that pic rocks too!

Stacy said...

Way to rock the Momenta products!!! Fabulous layouts.