Friday, June 3, 2011

My Scrapbook Room Video Tour with Clip It Up

Hi everyone!!! Today is my turn, out of the Simply Renee Clip It Up DT members, to share with you my product review for the Clip It Up. I recieved the Clip It Up Base and Upper Tier to use in my scrap space, and I decided to create a video tour so that you can see my entire scrapbook room and how I have put my Clip It Up to good use. As you can see in the video, I have also created a decorative box for the top of my Clip It Up and you can see the tutorial for creating that storage box HERE. Here's the link to my scrapbook room video tour...

All of my manufacturer collections used to take up so many drawers and bins which occupied precious space in my scrapbook room (not to mention how difficult it was to dig through those drawers trying to find the exact items I was looking for), and now it's all hanging right in front of my desk at just an arm lengths away with all of the products in full view!! No more digging through drawers and lost items that never got used because of being burried under stack of products. The products you see hanging on my Clip It Up are from Momenta and you can find them HERE and the blog HERE. I absolutely adore my Clip It Up Base and Upper Tier so thank you for making my life and my creating process easier and more enjoyable!!

Have a fantastic Friday!!

LOVES :) -Sarah

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