Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My 1st Post for Simply Renee & Clip It Up

Good morning everyone!
Today is my first post of my DT term for
Simply Renee's Clip It Up!!! First, I'd like to
tell you how incredibly easy the Clip It Up was
to assemble. When I received my Base and
Upper Tier, I was shocked at the small box
that my Clip It Up arrived in, and there were
only a few pieces inside that simply needed
screwed together by hand. The entire process
literally took me only three minutes, and my
2 year old even helped to screw on the Upper
Tier. Now how easy is that?!!

Secondly, I'd like to show you how I altered my
Clip It Up to contain a storage box on the top of
my Upper Tier. I used a leftover box that I had lying
around the house, and I simply used some pattern
paper, lace, and ribbon to decorate the box topper to
coordinate with the decor in my scraproom. I started
by covering the bottom half of the box with one pattern.

Then, I used a second pattern to cover the top half of the
box. I cut each piece of paper just slightly taller than what
I needed for the box so that I could fold the excess paper
over the top edge of the box covering the raw edges of the
cardboard. (NOTE: the top flaps of the box have been cut
off to allow for open storage).

Next, I added lace and a decorative ribbon to the center of
the box to cover the edges of whre the two patterns meet.

I finished the inside of the box by covering the inside with
sheets of vintage book and dictionary pages.

I cut a hold using my craft knife in the center of the bottom
of the box in order to accommodate the screw post at the
top of the Upper Tier, placed the box over the screw post,
and simply screwed on the topper.

Lastly, I used a circle cutter to create a piece to cover the
base of my Clip It Up that coordinated with my Storage
Topper. I cut the circle about 11" wide from a sheet of
pattern paper, and then I also cut a hole out of the center
of the paper about 1 1/2" wide in order to accommodate the
bottom screw post. I added a couple pieces of scrapbook tape
to adhere the circle to the base and screwed the Clip It Up
Base back together.

It's as simple as that, and here is my finished
and decorated Clip It Up Base with the Upper Tier!!

Now on to the fun part....ORGANIZING!!!!
I hope that you've enjoyed this Clip It Up Storage Topper
tutorial and that you'll try this yourself!!
Don't forget to head on over to the Clip It Up Blog to see
other fantastic Clip It Up ideas and storage solutions
along with the fabulous new All In One storage system
that was just shown off at the Winter 2011 CHA!!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
LOVES :) -Sarah


Maggie said...

Sarah , this is just super, luv the colours you have use. Are you going to use it for lo and ATC or storage purposes?

Don't forget to add this project to our linking party this week, to showcase your work to our readers.

Have a great Valentine,

Emily said...

Wow... so at first, it looked like a really rockin' lamp to me... but now reading I see it's a kick a$$ Clip it up!!! I sooooo have to do this. Love it!!!!!

Kelly C said...

saw this over on their blog - love how you altered it to suite you!

BabyBokChoy said...

This is so lovely!! SO lovely!!

Robin Shakoor said...

What a fantastic idea! It makes me want to decorate my clip it up! Thanks for this post.

scrappygal said...

You alteration is awesome!!!! Hope I can come up with something just as good!!