Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holiday Pics From Our Home

Happy Holidays everyone!
According to my 10 year old daughter, Emily,
(who gives me the Christmas countdown every
single day if not twice a day) there are only
11 more days until Christmas!! Whew, are you ready?
Well, I just wanted to share a few photos from here
in our home while we were putting up the tree about
two weeks ago, some photos of our recently fallen snow,
and just a couple cute pics mixed in with the rest.
I never have fully charged camera batteries when I
seem to need them the most, so these pics of the
Christmas tree going up are not the best because I
had to use my phone, but never-the-less shots I
HAD to take for my scrapbooks. This is the first year
that Carter has really been able to do much or even
attempt to understand the whole Christmas thing so
we're getting a kick out of watching him enjoy this
season! Bodey, our lab that we adopted back in June
from a shelter down near Louisville, has been having
a blast in the snow and will spend lots of time running
through it, rubbing his face in it, and just lying in it so
the cold doesn't seem to affect him at all.....glad
someone can enjoy it!! Anyway, on with the pics!

Here is one of the teacher gifts that I made.

I printed this little cute saying from online but can't

remember for the life of me where I found it, sorry.

Emily came downstairs dressed like this with her Santa
hat that she decorated all by herself when it was time
for her to do some Christmas shopping with Dad...
she had to have been soooo cute shopping around
all the stores and the mall looking like that!

Here is Carter hiding behind the Christmas tree
trying to sneak a PLASTIC candy cane off of the tree
and eat it without anyone noticing....and did for a
couple of minutes so hopefully licking plastic doesn't
do any long term damage!

Here's my sweet Bodey boy wearing Carter's
reindeer antlers that of course Emily put on him.
Bodey was such a good sport and let us take pictures,
then immediately went to ly down on his bed and
paw them off! He's sooo cute! :)

And lastly, Bodey enjoying our first snowfall.
I'm not sure if he has experienced much snow before
because he sure acted like it was the strangest thing
he'd ever seen but after a few minutes of exploring
he absolutely LOVES IT!!
Well, I think that's all for today.
I have photos that I really want to take of my
vintage Christmas tree ornaments passed down from
my grandmother but I'm having issues getting the
photos to turn out the way I want them...I'm going
to try a few different techniques and get those
posted later this week...I just LOVE those ornaments!
Have a terrific Tuesday!
LOVES :) -Sarah


Stacie (craft-princess) said...

No...only 11 more days??!!! I'm not ready!! AHHHHHH!!! Okay, well I am getting there slowly but surely! Thanks for sharing your pics. Those teachers gifts look great....that saying is too funny! I will have to try and find it online. Love how your boy is trying to sneak a plastic candy cane....LOL!!

BabyBokChoy said...

Me thinketh you need more snow, LOL. LOL! not!! sigh...

I love the teacher's gift you made!!! That's so thoughtful and useful!!! I always go the easy route: gift card, lol. Both father and brother in law are teachers so we hear about the gift giving thing, so we go the easy route, lol.

Angi @ CokiePop said...

What Fabulous pictures. Your kiddos are adorable. And Bodey is a beautiful dog. Love those reindeer antlers of his :) :)