Monday, April 19, 2010

Aaaaahhhhh, Spring!

I just wanted to quickly share some photos that I took a few days
ago of the flowering trees in my yard...they are absolutely in their
prime this week. Also, I took a few shots of the lilac bushes that
are technically in my neighbors yard but are so close that I can
smell that glorious smell
(my favorite flower & smell in the whole world)
through my window when the breeze blows. There's just
nothing else like it, I absolutely LOVE this time of year!!...and my
allergies don't kick in until fall.

Have a fabulous week,


Lisa Dorsey said...

Gorgeous pics Sarah!!!! Love the new look of your blog too. Very cute!

sarah said...

soooooooo purty. this is making me want warmer weather.

soon.... i hope!


Linda Beeson said...

Wow, I miss seeing purple Lilacs! Yours are just so beautiful.