Friday, April 9, 2010


Wooohoooooo, Happy Friday everyone! We made it!!
Although my weekend is going to be a busy one, I get to
sleep in until 7am instead of having to wake up at 6am to
get the girls off to school, and tomorrow we get to have a
party and cookout for my sweet Emmy's 10th birthday...
we're all very excited about that!

I also have a layout that I'd like to share before I go on
blogging hiatus for the weekend. I created this layout with
some photos that I snapped of Carter staring out of our
living room window just longing to be able to get outside
and play. The past week (weather wise) has been so nasty
with cold temperatures, wind, and rain. We were really
spoiled from the 70 and 80 degree temperatures from the
week before and poor little Carter doesn't understand why
one day he can play outside and the next we have to stay
cooped up in the house. Thank goodness it's supposed to
be about 70 this weekend for Emmy's party!
This layout has a couple of techniques that I'd like to share.
First of all, I made the coiled flower embellie at the bottom
right of the layout (I included a close-up photo) by cutting
a circle out of a piece of cardstock and then cutting a swirl
through it like how the apple peel looks when you peel an
apple. Then I rolled it up into the flower, tighter like a flower
bud on the inside and then loosening as I rolled towards the
outside of the flower, and then inked the edges a rasberry
color. The title PLAY is also hand drawn and hand cut just
by writing the word PLAY with my teal marker on a piece
of white cardstock, outlining it with a black thin tipped marker,
and then cutting it out. I like to include my own handwriting on
a layout even when I use computer journaling and this is a
perfect way to accomplish that.

I hope that everyone has a fabulous weekend and don't forget
to stop back on Monday for my 100th post celebration GIVEAWAY!!


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Jamie Lane said...

This is an adorable page! Love all your details!