Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter & B-Day Pics

Hello all!!!

I finally got my Easter photos loaded and as I said before
Emmy's birthday photos as well (her 10th b-day fell on
Easter this year). So, we had tons of fun on Easter, especially
with Carter because he is 19 months old now and although
he didn't really understand what was happening, he definitely
understands TOYS which is what we filled his little Easter
basket with (which was really a CARS bucket that he loves
and plays with daily along with the set of various sports
balls that are thankfully soft because he throws them around
the living room about every 20 min.). Emily had double the
goodies since she turned double digits and in addition to the
nightstand with cubbies that I found for her room and a
super cute scrapbooking kit, she was floored when she opened
up her brand new iPOD touch with matching pink cover!!!
I know, I know...it's a bit much, but Emily is a very responsible
child and she's the best (never talks back, does all of her chores,
helps out with her little brother, and does all of this with a smile
and never complains!!) so we figured why not spoil her some,
she deserves it and that smile and so far 510, 874 thank you's
made it all worth it!!!

Here are a few photos from this weekends events...enjoy!

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