Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cogsworth Is Complete!!!

I finally finished the Cogsworth costume for my daughter's
middle school play, this year is Beauty and the Beast.
My daughter, however, is not Cogsworth. She is a
teacup in the enchanted castle that will be singing and
dancing to the song 'Be Our Guest' and she's having a blast.
I'm so excited about the way this costume turned out
(although it did take me longer than I initially thought
mostly due to Carter not ever wanting me to leave
his side). I had the best experience creating
my version of Cogsworth, and I have now been
volunteering almost every night during play rehearsal
to design and paint Belle's cottage and the Beast's library's all been an absolute joy to work with the other kids
and see their creativity, exhausting but fun!!
I have three photos to share of the different stages
that the costume was built before I finally finished
...sorry for the poor photos but I took one or two of
them with my cell in the middle of the night down
in our basement while I was working on the
costume but I think you'll get the idea.

I almost forgot...I made this costume out of 3/16" foam board
and then simply covered it with fabric and gold trim.
The center is made from foam board and scrappy supplies.
I will also post picks in about two weeks once I've had a
chance to order the photos (not allowed to take our own)
and you'll be able to see the costume on, complete
with pants, shirt, hat, and shoes.....very cute!!

Have a fabulous Sunday evening,


meganklauer said...

Wow! That is one awesome costume! She'll be the star of the show!

meganklauer said...

Okay, should read the journaling first. :0) Either way you did a fantastic job!

Linda Beeson said...

Oh my goodness, clever!

Lisa Ridgely said...

Hi! I just happened to come across your blog, and I just had to comment on this costume - it looks fantastic! Beauty and the Beast must be such a fun play to work on - so much opportunity for creative costumes and sets.

JDK said...

OMG I love this costume...My daughter is Cogsworth in her play and I will definitely be using your idea. How big is the costume? - what did u use for the shoulders! What an incredilbe idea...i will share pics when mine is complete! Thank you Thank you for this idea! Its so fabulous!!!