Thursday, April 1, 2010

Countdown to 100th Post GIVEAWAY!!!

Ok, this is post #93 so only 7 more until my 100th post and
a giant GIVEAWAY to one lucker reader!!!

I wanted to share some adorable pics of my kids playing
outside yesterday. It really was such a beautiful day, and
I think that if it's at all possible today may be even nicer.
My oldest daughter is missing from the photos because
she is off spending time with her grandparents during her
spring break week who just happen to have a neighbor
with a two week old baby that is. I'm sure
Becca is probably spending more time with that baby
than her grandparents!!! If you'd like, you can see pics
a couple of posts down. However, Emmy and Carter had
a blast outside, and Carter even tuckered himself all out
kicking a ball around the backyard in all that fresh air and
went to bed a half hour early last night....we may have to
have some heavy duty outside playtime everyday to give
Mom a little extra time at night to myself!

Have a beautiful day everybody!!


Jenny B in Indy said...

Carter is SO cute.. look at him cheesin' it!

Linda Beeson said...

Pretty hard to beat adorable KID photos!!!