Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bodey's 2nd Home

After 3 months of sharing our home and our
lives with our gorgeous yellow lab, Bodey, and
making him a member of our family, we
finally thought that he had his anxiety issues
under control enough that we ventured out to
our local park where there are trails wrapping
through the woods around several beautiful
lakes and also the winding White River. We have
known that Bodey would more than likely love it
here, but because of his unkown past and anxiety
around other dogs, we wanted to wait a little while
until we thought that he would be secure enough
with us to be able to enjoy these surroundings.
Bodey at first was definitely over-stimulated with
all of the new smells, sights, and sounds, but once
he caught a glimpse of that glistening water nothing
else was on his mind. In true lab form he trotted
straight into the river, lapped up a bit of water, and
then proceeded to plop down on the river bottom
making himself quite comfortable, as if to say
"I'm home."
It was quite the sight to see him so happy and
relaxed. I think that I enjoyed watching him almost
as much as he enjoyed just being around the water.
Here's some photos that I took while Steve walked
Bodey down along the edge of various parts of the
river and lakes. Sorry the images are not fantastic,
but I was taking pictures again with my phone since
it's not always ideal to carry around my big camera
with three kids and a 90lb. lab.....hope you ENJOY!!

Have a terrific Tuesday!
LOVES :) -Sarah

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