Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Lovelies

Happy TGIF everyone!!
I just wanted to share with you a few
Friday lovelies to hopefully get your weekend
off to a fantastic start. It's a beautiful day here
in central Indiana today and I was outside shooting
some of my gorgeous vintage hankerchiefs so that I
could add them to my etsy shop which you can check
out HERE or just click the link over on my left sidebar.
These photos are just representative of the mood I'm
in today....laid back, relaxed, and carefree!!


field photo (source)

rustic bridesmaids (source)

pie photos (source)

country fair place settings (source)

porch photo (source)

Happy Friday!
LOVES :) -Sarah


craft-princess said...

Some great pics!! And yes, the weather is great here!!

sarah said...

pretty photos! :)

wishing you a wonderful week.


Kelly C said...

those are great pics, wish my weekend had been as peaceful as those!