Monday, September 27, 2010

Where COOL Was Born

We all had so much fun this weekend at the
James Dean Festival. I am lucky enough to
live only 30 short minutes from Fairmount, IN
where James Dean was born and raised....
how cool is that?!!
The festival is a blast! There is the largest antique
and vintage car show that I've seen in a long time,
tons of craft vendors (my favorite part), and lots
of yummy fair food, rides, and music. Cute little
Carter could hardly contain himself when he
first caught a glimpse of all those fair rides...he
just kept repeating WOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!
Sooooo cute!! :)
I bought a record that I've been trying to hunt
down and a handmade necklace, Emmy bought
some earrings, both girls got an airbrushed tattoo,
and Becca rode a crazy spinning fair ride....Steve
got dizzy just watching and walked off until it was
over. I think it made him nervous for Becca more
than anything but of course she thought it was no
big deal at all......tough teenager, that one!
Here's a few pics I snapped with my phone along
the way, not the best quality but hey, at least I
preserved the memories, right?


Have a great Monday!
LOVES :) -Sarah

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BabyBokChoy said...

That is such an interesting festival!! Wow! I agree, he was the beginning of kewl :)