Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oh, Just The Girls & PineappleScraps Update

Hi all of my lovely friends out there in
blog world!! Today I just wanted to share
with you a few photos from my weekend
fun with my 10 year old daughter, Emily.
It's pretty much a regular Saturday morning
thing for the two of us going to rummages,
thrift shops, or whatever we can find. With
summer coming to and end and rummages
coming to a seasons end along with the summer,
we've been hitting them like mad trying to
stash enough goodies to hold us over through
the winter months which can be quite long
here in Indiana. Here's a few pics of us out on
the hunt at a local Thrift Shop and notice the
cute kitty up in the second story window of
the building....couldn't resist snapping that shot!

Also, I have some sewing projects planned for
these vintage finds that will eventually end up in
my Etsy Shop 'PineappleScraps' so I'll keep you
updated about all of that fun stuff!!

Have a terrific Tuesday,
LOVES :) -Sarah

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