Friday, September 3, 2010

The END Is Near

.....of the Hue Leggings Blog Contest, that is!!
I'm in 5th place right now with 12 votes.....
come on people!! I have 61 followers and 12 votes?

Sorry, the pushiness will end soon but if you have just
a couple of seconds PLEASE pretty please click that
Hue Leggings banner and vote for me!!!!!!!!!!

Now, I've voted myself and it can act a little funny
so all you have to do is click on the banner and that
will take you to Facebook, LIKE Hue Leggings then
you'll have to back out back to my blog, click the
banner again, then you will be taken to the voting
page and click on VOTE.......sounds not so easy but
it seriously takes like 5 seconds!!
Just a reminder is a paid weekend trip to NYC!!!!
This momma has never been and it would just be a
dream so please cast your vote and help a girl out!!

Thanks everyone and have a great weekend!!
LOVES :) -Sarah


jennyplace2 said...

I went in and voted, I should be #13. Good luck.

Jamie Lane said...

...okay at least 14 now! I also posted your link through a share on my FB hoping some of my FB friends will give you some love!

Keep us posted! :)

Elizabeth said...

Hoping you do great!!!!

It's great to be on the Crop Suey DT with you! Looking forward to seeing your work!

Have a great week!