Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just A Couple More...

Just a couple more things that I wanted to share that
I made with the new Moxxie lines being shown off at
CHA as we speak. Both the layout and the card were
made with the Hockey line. So, even though I don't
have a hockey player, I thought it would be cute to
use the pp to do a layout about all the sports that my
girls play on their new Wii.

Also, I would like to share some fun photos that I've taken over

the past week or so. I've started the photo a day for 2009...I

thought that with a baby in the house, this would be a great

year to start this project. I really wish that I would have done

this with my girls when they were babies...it will be great to

look back on all the photos and watch how fast Carter changes

and grows, and also to remember all the activities that keep

us so busy right now with our girls.

Daddy, Emmy, & Carter

Carter showing me his adorable grin and
BIG baby blues.

Carter holding his own bottle (which we just
started him on so I was shocked when he
started feeding himself) .

Becca learning how to dive off the block.

Becca contemplating diving off the block.

Becca practicing her breaststroke breathing
(blurry I know, but it was taken from the
balcony in poor light and a blurry photo is
better than no photo at all).
Emily accepting her new yellow
striped belt at her karate promotion.

Close up of Emily's new belt and patches.

Thanks to everyone who checks out my blog and leaves such kind

comments...if any of you have a cute idea for scrapping my 365 photos

that's quick and easy please feel free to share. I've been checking out

various ways that I can do this, but haven't settled on anything just

yet. Have a great Tuesday!!



Jenny B in Indy said...

I'm going to start Project 365 on Caleb's Birthday this year and just use a simple 3 up photo album and make my own journaling cards with embellies.

redoaklines said...

FUN photos!!!! turned out great. love the latest projects! :)